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Saturday, 28 January 2012 01:29

Spatial Loading




In the systematic effort to dismantle another great audio company the parent company of Behringer has purchased Midas. This reminds me of how sad it was when Harman bought Crown in the 90’s. Since the late 80’s conglomerates have been buying and selling brands like they were baseball cards. The Crown Audio today is hardly recognizable from the independent Crown Audio of the 80’s. Crown only produced high quality products. Now, Midas will likely have the same fate.

Thursday, 28 July 2011 01:09

Keeping up with the Joneses


Is your church guilty of spending too much money for fancy gadgets, expensive brands or unnecessary consulting companies?

Saturday, 16 July 2011 01:09

Rigging Practices #1


The scariest thing I have witnessed over the years in the A/V business is improper rigging practices. Incorrect rigging can cause serious injury or death! Even though professionals that are trained in the correct methods and laws should only do rigging, Churches often times will suspend gear themselves.


Friday, 22 July 2011 01:09

The Forever 27 Club


The Forever 27 Club has another member to add to it's roster after the death of Amy Winehouse on Saturday.

Friday, 29 July 2011 01:09

Sound Myths Busted!


Myth: “The system was so loud it overdrove the room”


Tuesday, 18 October 2011 01:33

Speaker Wiring


Speaker wiring: There seems to be a genuine lack of knowledge and understanding of speaker wiring among the church volunteer. A lot of people think you can keep adding speakers to an amplifier as long as you have more wire. Amplifiers have a minimum rated load for the outputs. A typical pro amplifier has a minimum load of around 4 ohms. I hope this article will help people better understand how to properly calculate the load of an amplifier based on the wiring scheme that you choose.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011 01:32

LED Pendant Fixtures Available


Pendant lighting fixtures are now available in LED versions!

Cathedral Lighting is offering Church Pendant fixtures in a variety of styles with all DMX controlled LED light engines.

Cathedral Lighting LED Pendants

I have been selling and installing lighting systems for 23 years in churches. The one place I would say is the least changed is sanctuary lighting. The pendant fixtures that hang in the sanctuary for general illumination can be some of the ugliest fixtures in the space. I recently was in a church that had 4-1/2 foot tall “Cylinders of Doom”


Sunday, 21 August 2011 01:31

Choosing a Subwoofer


Subwoofer Specifications: One must know the facts when choosing a good subwoofer. Imagine your sound system is the house and the subwoofers are the foundation. Choose the wrong subs and the whole house could collapse.

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